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July 31, 2018


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Why do we even need 'think tanks'? What a stupid name. As if they have anything to say. Why aren't people I know in think tanks? They've agendas. Useless ruling class hillbillies who have never been off the farm.

Does anyone actually think we will save money by privatising the NHS for instance? No. But some will make vast sums. And it's always the same clique that move in to make the killing. Does anybody really believe the country will be made better by supporting foreign governments because they buy weapons off us? I don't mean to be glib. Its just they are wrecking everything we have fought for, worked for and paid into (in whatever capacity) and give us faulty politics to accomplish it. This government and the ruling class more generally are an absolute embarrassment. Nobody wants excoriating language between political entities. What we do want is a well funded NHS, safe and prosperous communities, and a functioning democratic system. Instead we get the greedy kids slyly picking our pockets.

They are like the mafia. They make out that there is a code of honour, brotherhood and tradition. There isn't. It about seizing everything you can for yourself, hurting anyone who stands in your way, and aggressively lining your pockets which you do at all times to prove that you are in the gang. Its a twisted game.

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