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May 10, 2018


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I'm not seeing so much contrition from those who were actually involved. They claim (and I'm not going for anyone specifically, its the general line) incompetence. Who knows? What are the worthwhile lessons? That the law applies to all, or at least it is important that it should do? That it is detestable to say that it can be ignored in secret if 'the ends justify the means', or that in certain places (and perhaps to people of a certain skin pigmentation/culture/ predominant religion) it can be gleefully waived. Gleefully waived in the sense that the ideological underpinnings of the political leadership who caused this were corrupt, filthy, inhumane and dishonest.

And in the end, as tragic and abhorrent as the individual injustices are, it doesn't even do anybody any good. It opens doors that should never be allowed to open and makes us all poorer. What doors? General brutality and corruption. Debasement of institutions and standards that most of us would like to see upheld. So is it incompetence, or just low, unsavoury people prospering in politics? I don't know. There is much to that argument I think.

People seem to think, at least in more 'exalted' circles, that there is only greed, selfishness and cynicism. And they behave accordingly. That this is their world. Ironically it is the honest idealists that get the scorn; from the politicians and press. This kind of thing is just the preserve of cynical malcontents according to them. And it really isn't.

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