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May 20, 2018


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I'll add my support and say that they need to get a move on and review this. They are lagging behind and yet still drag their feet. These are not minor ailments we are talking about. MS, multiple daily seizures. I'm not going to go too far from a medical standpoint, I couldn't, but people are being distressed and even damaged by this denial. People with these and other conditions deserve the chance for relief and a better quality of life. I just hope that they aren't delaying out of convenience. They said they would listen to specific cases. That needs to happen, and then be built upon.

There really is no time like the present, in this instance. And it shouldn't become an adversarial, party political issue. It should be a case of acting with reasonable responsibility. I understand change isn't going to come about to the extent it is needed in an instant. And it is frustrating, I completely agree. The case has been clearly and reasonably made. Eventually that will break through. If they have a reasonable argument instead of hiding, then lets hear it. It had better be a good one in these circumstances. I feel that if a few more of your colleagues stood up with you, and I know you have quoted a few from Hansard on this blog, then it would be a case of pushing at an open door.

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