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April 07, 2018


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The status quo is rock steady, in some ways. In other words It will take a fierce force to upset it. Real effective change has to be wide-reaching, and comprehensive, To rebuild a lot of things. Shit circumstances caused by enemies within, plus those from abroad looking to take advantage, and then the wide array of cutthroats who you always get piling in opportunistically; well, we can see that 'through much tribulation we must enter the kingdom' etc.

The longer we leave it the worse it gets for us. There isn't necessarily a hero who will emerge and win the day. Nor do we necessarily deserve one, if that is at all relevant. Ultimately we have to look at ourselves, the people. What do we choose? This is not intended to be a haughty lecture, rather that I feel I have argued that superstition and self-worship has the ability to create the society (locally and further afield) that we should inevitably expect.

I DO believe there is such a thing as sin and sinners and that those sinners that become addicted to it. Now, I will back up a little and keep it as corporeal as I can, which I should. People often get what they deserve. Other times they don't. Now, continual stupidity, in the context I frame it in this meagre post, is a powerful force. To gain a habit, a propensity, is a powerful force. One that also leads to personal short-term enrichment; (of a clan, a class even) is even more dangerous. So what can we do?

Commit to a path of bettering the collective. Its not self-sacrifice, its survival, even selfishness. That needs qualifying. If people get it right, the world will get right, and people now and in the future will benefit. Yes, there is a buttress of reactionary interest, and a swathe of self-worshiping charlatans, but we outnumber them 10-1.

We can have peace in longevity if people decide it, take the basics on, use their numbers. Again it is not even self-sacrifice, it just humanity vs crime. Build. Arm yourselves. The devil himself will run away. I believe that.

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