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March 09, 2018


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Yes, it is ultimately to our own advantage to have a fair, reasonable and credible debate. I doubt they are looking in the right place. When I talk of 'you and your colleagues', I mean those who shape the debate, set forces moving, make decisions and interventions, not those whose task it is to provide administrative support. According to you they are as useful and above reproach in their duty as can be reasonably be expected.

Those that stand and are elected to political office are the ones that need to be scrutinised, and as you say there is much to be getting on with to that end.

We have had and continue to have many advantages in this country. That didn't come by accident (well maybe some bits of luck did). The essential progress upon which our society is built, looking back in comparison to relatively not that long ago, is due to good people being motivated to learn, to seek justice, to try and set that progress in stone so that it endures and can be built upon. The evidence is, as I say, there when you read what the likes of Karl Marx wrote about in the 19th century for example. There are many others, a few of which I have even read. That comes of having the right principle/aim to begin with, coupled with a devotion to do it, which is what I hope to see from politics, parliamentary or extra-parliamentary. If they/we fall behind, others will take advantage. And I think we see much of that coming from the right. A proper credible debate IS necessary. So, patient, unsung heroes are vital, they are what keeps us afloat in many instances. We shouldn't forget them, or allow this or that faction to push them around.

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