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March 19, 2018


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Yes, it is important that the mechanisms at the basic level of the system are protected and upheld. I'd hate to see it undermined towards an oligarchical power swipe. I fear a snowballing effect to this end. Its not always clear who your allies are with so much doctrinal obtuseness doing the rounds, and lets be honest, so much money and capacity for favours sloshing around in the wrong circles.

I would hope that those who respect democracy would be hasty and vigilant to recognise and counteract this where necessary. I'm not sure there are many with the nous and character to pull it off, so there is a danger. These things can happen swiftly. The integrity and solidity of the edifice may be lacking. In fact I believe there is much evidence to say that it is. Not that we have ever been or should be easily intimidated. But there is a sense that the forces of reaction are practically above the law (at least they presume to be) and that the sons of perdition may find the climate to their advantage. And, for whatever reasons that I won't attempt to go into now, find so many willing to support them and cheer on their agenda. Law, reason, truth are under attack, as they always have been, more or less.

Putin's mob are a good example. Polonium, nerve agents. These types are comfortable with playing a game, winking to their bosses and fellow supporters of oligarchy. Sneering at the weakness of those who bind themselves to act with better standards. Not that they are incapable of genuine stances: anger, aggressiveness. They clearly don't care about their own people (who lets remind ourselves must ultimately be considered our brethren) and carry on in their mischief and see the good as their target, wherever it remains. And I don't for one second pretend that British society and it's politics are exemplary, but you can see the agenda they have and the depths and lawlessness of the tactics they are prepared to use.

I don't think it will last. OK, Putin is re-elected. But he and his mob are vulnerable to an expression of the peoples' interests. Many tyrants have looked invulnerable before they lose the plot and the people's goodwill/patience. Anger will overcome fear of authority.

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