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February 18, 2018


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Walter Craig

This is a comment. I agree with Ad

Walter Craig

This is a comment.


Socialism for the rich. Honestly they are taking the piss. They can never siphon enough away before sneering at those whose pittance they like to snatch. They would pickpocket you as you trek through the desert, out of sheer meanness.

There are the poor (financially) and then the morally, spiritually poor. Which I will explain. Poor people know they are poor, and many of them don't fight, being better than snatching abusers.

Satan can make laws. Doesn't mean they are legitimate or do anyone any good. Government, the power of governing is invariably bound up with cursing and condemning people with law, i.e. the gradual demolition of liberty.

Now, so many awful ideologues hide behind 'liberty' as an idea to push senseless dogma, and moral decrepitude. I shall attempt to argue this.

Why are people afraid to fight back? As if those who rake it in at our expense hold the keys to deserving and reason? If we try otherwise, put our own interests first we cannot succeed. This isn't an exact science: what it is is a reasonable step toward justice (which everyone is owed) and towards the logical conclusion: equality.

Its akin to the bullied saying 'don't provoke the bully', to the superstitious saying 'don't mention the devil, just get on with things'. You are being conned.

I strongly doubt that in Britain in 2018 I am asking for much or courting controversy by doing so. I just take a position that what we should have is far better than what we get.

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