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January 04, 2018


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I think if you are undaunted by authority, and the louche condescension, (they think they can change tack, it doesn't matter) then the battle is swung. Of course they will use their skill to browbeat and put you off, but I think the days when they could rely on the establishment to outclass you are gone.

Now we see the enemy as a target. And less as an inquisitor. You see quite clearly that now the tables are turned; they are more afraid of us than the other way round.

That is progress. Just read the tone of the right-wing press. And of course the growing correct belief that we aren't wrong, that our politics are better than greed and hypocrisy, incompetence and short-termism (not that there is any logic there).

So yes foil the enemy. Grind them down. Destroy them.

If a person has a heart and a sense that life is worth something; well then we can beat them, and I'm quite serious.

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