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January 25, 2018


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There has to be a sense that a decision/position can be wrong if it leads to problems further down the line, not just if it is immediately and obviously wrong e.g. belligerence, inhumanity. If a door is opened a crack for disaster down the line, that is wrong. We instead require honesty, principle; this does matter. There are always temptations to deviate from reason (and the consequences can be enormous), and traps to be avoided. Having good people doing things for the right reasons (trustworthy and reliable) really does pay off for all of us at home and abroad.

So, unnecessary toughness, divisive rhetoric and hard stances are harmful. I would speculate that the likes of the Rohingya get left behind in such a climate. Yes, they, the establishment, DO have to be practical. They also have to restrain themselves. Vainglory is a problem. I'm not making specific accusations. It is a common enough frailty.

You spoke about Iraq: there really are lessons. Its not some boring lesson or sidetrack issue. It is vital that rigour, honesty and reason come to the fore. There are temptations as I say, allowing doors to creak open, traps. That is where they (we all) have to be hard-headed. That is simply common sense, survival.

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