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January 10, 2018


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There is an extent to which things can be said to be done in error, and not deliberately. There is also a judgement to be made that a certain action/decision was wrong (morally, first and foremost), and then that the decision led to some further bad outcomes and consequences. Or opened doors for the bloodshed, evil and destruction which followed. And which, at the end of the day, is a decision which events have proven to be the wrong one.

A good person restrains themselves in such circumstances. Acts with the uppermost good sense and care, and being responsible; gets it right. Has a strong grasp of the practicalities and logical outcomes, is in action and outward appearance at the furthest point from vainglory as can be reasonably expected. Does not seek commendation and applause at home and abroad. Nor act accordingly. And finally, seeks honour of its true nature.

Now, I think, this line of argument shows Blair as very much human, giving in to the temptations (not to imply that they are minor) I talk about rather than a uniquely selfish and reckless madman. He should though, have known better. It rather speaks to a very flawed individual. And therefore his heart was certainly NOT 'in the right place'. And, not to make a meal of it, this is further evidenced in the faulty doctrines he did and does espouse. That is not cynical, its about as cold as I can be on the subject. Hypocrisy and lies (and swimming up to your neck habitually in this) inevitably spawn horrible consequences.

I hope that is at least somewhat constructive. In any case that is something like a 'lessons learned' argument of my own. Others can disagree.

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