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December 10, 2017


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Yes I think there is an argument for money becoming idolatry. And indeed there being a higher calling to duty, rather than to doubting and fear. The world needs the former and the latter is already realised.

It is possible to have a better world. A new state. Less nationalistic and the people represented. New laws. Old ones gotten rid of. Those that do our best instead of serving money. A new culture. Better at embracing truth, peace and equality. Principles agreed and enshrined instead of avoided and deceived.

Do good. Want to do good if you cannot. There is not much to it. I look up to Jesus in that regard (and many others).

So indeed what do we leave for our children and so on? And if we have a long and happy life and are regretted and cursed when we are gone, for all time, what was the purpose and the point? None whatsoever.

So, on a more corporeal basis. Why did we stop building houses for people to live in? And why are the tabloid minority (they don't have sincere beliefs most of the time and usually don't represent anyone but the frustrated milieu that they create). In other words the right to housing extends to all: see the last bit.

A house should be for life if wanted. It should be inviolable from greedy individuals. It should be promoted/informed taught that this is in their interest. Why? Because the capitalist system was born out of the labour of the workers. Now, disgustingly, they try and and tell the workers they have no rights, no possible future and that they are THE ENEMY.

So, the pope isn't far off the mark. Why should we do the work and others get all the money whilst they run the planet into the ground? It needn't be this way. A man builds houses yet cannot afford to buy a house?

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