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December 22, 2017


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Austerity is only for the poor. One does wonder that they sleep at all and that their consciences don't yet convict them. Before I run on too far whilst assuming the moral high ground, allow me to say; this cannot be sustainable. It is not in their interest, and indeed they must not rest easy if there is any humanity; which there must be. Every misfortune is deserved, rather than braved, so who wants that? Even if you are already very rich and have set the interests of the people you condescend to back several degrees.

There is no anchor to their life. Their fortunes waft in the slightest breeze. The higher they climb at the expense of others, the greater the inevitable plummet. Corruption prevails.

What good did Cameron do for anyone (beside a small group which includes himself)? Who does he presume to be? At least the May administration, slapstick idiocy and lack of competence and all, have some small amount of ballast. Cameron and co are just taking the mick, courting the inevitable with their elitist blundering whilst daring hubris to do their worst.

Now, more generally, I hope we do see a time of prosperity, in the short to medium term. However, I wonder if this is the prosperity of one who gains temporary luck whilst combing the tip. Of rebuilding from the jig-saw mess left behind. And I wonder if we cannot from the pieces make something which suits and benefits the great majority rather than a minority of shysters. From a government that does not want to afflict and scapegoat (not that there is any reason or deserving amongst those who have been subject to it), I'm willing to say that the Cameron administration was a real low point, for reasons I think I have more than hinted at so far.

Well-wishing, mutual prosperity, its not much to ask. Some token gestures would be a start, Instead of acrimony. Why not build something good? OK.

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