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December 17, 2017


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Paul Flynn

Part of my job is speaking up for the integrity of national statistics as the Office for National Statistics is located in my constituency. Unless we agree and respect the most reliable figures the nation produces we descend to meaningless exchanges of prejudice and ignorance.


We probably think we are the most advanced and that everything is new. Of course some things ARE new. Such as mainstream attitudes. From darkness into light. Modern communication i.e. the internet is still relatively new and in its infancy.

Now, do we want to make an effort to understand and raise our voices? That they are deaf and largely uncivilised (no hyperbole here, only concern is the 'civilised' bit which has erroneously been used for ill means) so, to go back, the people are ahead of the establishment in their attitudes.


Thank you for your support, Paul. I had a feeling that you would be on our side. They are both just jumping on the bandwagon, thinking they can make themselves popular with a certain brand of bigot by coming out with such slurs against what happens to be a fairly ordinary cross-section of people who happen to be transgender. They probably haven't realised yet that the general public aren't as stupid and intolerant as they think and that most people know at least one transgender person (as a friend, colleague or even close relative) who doesn't come anywhere near resembling the grotesque ogre that the likes of Davies and Bennett are painting us as. On that note, I'm so pleased the Senedd stood up to Gareth Bennett.


Mr Flynn, you are the reason that people voted for Brexit. Standing by the principle that MP,S know best is not good enough because they are not and they are not doing the people's bidding. At the first opportunity to do so the people have rejected the Euro project, pursued so relentlessly by the political class without a mandate from the people. MP,S have lied and lied and lied for a generation and now have been found out. The people voted in a referendum to leave and that trumps the views of an unrepresented Parliament although it has manoeuvred itself into a position to ignore the people again. Parliamentarians may well now have the ultimate vote but it doesn't mean it will be the current batch that do so.


Yet again we hear the calls that we had a referendum, we didn't like the answer so lets keep having them until they give us the answer we want. Why didn't this happen for the creation of the WAG or for joining the Common Market. Why is one referendum is enough whenever it is time to join something or create something but multiple ones are always required if the result doesn't go the way Europe wants


I'm aware of your descriptions of the seismic catastrophe. It is not my intention or desire to gloss over this. As ever I will talk in good faith with due respect. And I've no great faith lost for the establishment and its politics and their capacity for vision and foresight. I am aware though that I've taken something of a contrary position to your own in some of my writings here. And I am listening to your warnings of an "economic sinkhole". The limitations on the system itself, and rather more pointedly, the state of said system are starkly apparent to a growing number of people. Much of mainstream ideology is frankly disgusting; prostituted as it is. And surely leading to, yes: calamity.

Now I don't pretend I am some great example. I have contributed to this and that that I shouldn't have. But (to not be overly self-indulgent) we need to see more clearly, on this issue, given what I said at the end of the last paragraph.

So, important as it is, we need to be mindful of the context and the faults of it. Of the stupidity and shortsightedness. Now, there are not many in the institution you are a member of that I trust and respect, as I've said, so I must hear you. And I'm inclined to think you have a point. I cannot as something of a Marxist argue too far in support of an institution that blocks roads to progress, by its overseeing and assimilation of lesser polities into its vision and assumed authority (how can I please both sides? that is my position), but if these are your findings, and the conclusions you have reached then I wish you well and strength to your arm.

You've certainly been bold, Paul, and delivered your argument with typical alacrity. Yet the onus is not on you insofar as we cannot reasonably expect much of them, in my opinion, because of what I have talked about. I therefore (for what its worth) back you and lend my conviction that you may well be right, even if it is slightly painful to say given my own position, but there it is.

Paul Flynn

Dredful. They are both insensitive and loose-tonged. I am very unsympathetic to them and their views.

Paul Flynn

M.P for Newport West,
A.S dros Orllewin Casnewydd,

01633 262 348/ 020 7219 3478 / 0788 792 5699


Now that you've mentioned David TC Davies, how do you feel about his recent transphobic rants about the transgender community, Paul? Also, UKIP's Gareth Bennett and his outburst in the Senedd the other day where he effectively condemned us as 'social deviants' whom - if we are allowed equal human rights - are a danger to society. As a Welsh trans girl, I'd love to see you condemn theirs - along with the right-wing media establishment's bigotry - and for you to voice your support for amazing young transgender people like Lily Madigan who has recently become a women's officer in the Labour Party. That's if you agree with us. David Davies has had a few chances to promote his anti-trans hate in the Argus. Would love to see you use your regular Argus column to just say a few words about him and Gareth Bennett. Labour seem to be the party of progress on transgender rights at the moment. Thank you.

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