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November 10, 2017


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Paul Flynn

That is correct Ad. The only practical solution is repatriation to Myanmar as the scale of the problems of permanent settlement are impossible to manage.

Paul Flynn


The scale is hard to comprehend. The cause, if I understand, is due to religious difference, suspicion, bigotry. Will they be settled elsewhere? Where are such a large number supposed to go, and (if you'll forgive such bluntness) who will take them in, welcome them?

I suppose, given the conditions you have seen and described, the urgency first and foremost is getting them comfort in terms of the basics. But I believe they can be helped if the political goodwill and leadership comes through (and I appreciate that you are trying to set things in motion in that respect). Radical change is possible, and I think that is what is needed. It is largely upon the richer countries, those with the money and logistics.

The situation needs to be turned around. The money should be there, as well as the order and delegation to get it done. Then some solution for the longer term needs to be agreed.

I don't think any of that is overly idealistic; hopefully not too much along the lines of something like: "the solution is to fix the problem". I really do wish you and the others involved the very best.

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