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November 28, 2017


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They expect discipline, an agility to their interests. Obedience when they do not obey their own promises. Discipline when they break the rules. In Afghanistan, it wasn't the wiser heads (political, civilian or military) that were heeded. They cannot hear because they can't submit to reason, correction etc. they have a 'higher calling' and a superiority complex.

We tend to think back to times past and imagine the ruling class to be harsher, more boneheaded and out of touch and more selfish. They are far worse now. More terrible, obstinate. A lot of that is to do with ideologically driven inequality.

600 odd elected representatives: that can be changed, turned around. Common cause is where we will find peace, prosperity, advancement. For the entire country, not just sectors and sections of it. If only they followed what they demand and expect of others.

Now, if we don't, THEY don't, they destroy themselves. Everyone will lose out to some extent. Then you are talking about, at some point, revolution.

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