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October 11, 2017


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Winston Matthews

Hi Paul.
I was impressed with your speech, and question to Sam Gyimah. I had a meeting with this week, over this 10 min bill, which I gave him proof that my specialists at the hospital considered cannabis as therapy.
Ergo dispelling the Home Office myth, of no medical value.
He said he would speak to the Health Minister for me.
Seeing him again prior to the 23rd, any suggestions please?
As I'd like all MP's on side, and my own need if for Growing my own, which doesn't seem to be mentioned much at the moment?
I shook your hand on Tuesday, and was proud too, for all your efforts over the years.


"It is about dealing with the supply side and the demand side, but also getting people off drugs. Holland clearly has a very different approach to its prison system."

I read this as 'conceding' that after the primary objective of prosecuting anyone involved in the industry, we probably should give a small amount of consideration to investigating the actual problems.

Who uses the word "jurisdictions" to describe the people you are willing to discuss health issues with?

Paul Flynn

We live in hope.

Paul Flynn

M.P for Newport West,
A.S dros Orllewin Casnewydd,

01633 262 348/ 020 7219 3478 / 0788 792 5699

Peter Reynolds

That is remarkable news Paul. Let's hope Ms Leadsom follows through with genuine government support.


Indeed. Why should people be made to criminally offend: because they have found a way to relieve their symptoms? By people lacking in respectability themselves, no less. The 'crime' is not theirs (those medicating with cannabis), it is the government's/the institutions it controls. The interests of those who officiate such institutions does not give any impulse for correct and reasonable reform.

I don't think appealing to and attempting to persuade the government itself will work. However, having the protest officially in the House itself by one of its Hon. Members is certainly a significant step in the right direction. Stubbornness, quite simply, is what you and your fellow campaigners must overcome.

The government serves a purpose/cause. That it is not a noble one hardly needs to be said. I don't see how they can have a future politically. Every issue is a threat to them and is to be fudged. Why? If they join the side of reason and of the interests of the public at large then their entire edifice, built upon duplicitousness, will collapse under the tide of reform and the demands for it.

There is only so much you can do to persuade. Eventually you have to root them out, expose their incompetence and inhumanity and seize the opportunity to move forward. Quite a big ask. I'm just explaining my viewpoint. In other words, let them carry on in their myopic obstinacy. Others will take the opportunity whilst they wither away. I'm convinced that one cannot appeal to them (e.g. to rationality or conscience. Instead, look for an alternative.

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