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October 05, 2017


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Paul Flynn

Thanks for those thoughts. Strong and stable was promised❤️We have the opposite with a weak leader and divided government


With respect to you and your readers, I kind of wish I didn't have to say this, but it seems to be about attrition.

Firstly, they are in a different circumstance to you, do not share an interest with you, and can barely relate to you never mind actually listen. They do not serve you. Its a class thing and a capitalist system flaw. ONLY money, ONLY hard work is recognised. Now do I disagree? I say life is sanctified and is not about 'the market', or being lectured by the conceited better off drones.

Usurpers, sitting upon their thrones, if they do not mind it they will lead us all into ruin. They can't even plan for the future. So what is the message? I say to understand more clearly and act upon it. In other words its all to play for. We CAN win


If it's genuine, then the less poison the better. I don't buy it though. They are making just a few token gestures. I will still call it as I see it and I trust and hope most reasonable people will. I don't detest the Tory party and its luminaries out of cynicism, or because I like to be partisan and enjoy seeing the other side floundering. There are quite a few reasons but I'll start with just one for now: they behave so viciously in so many instances, sometimes wholly unabashedly.

The question is, why? I'll proffer a few thoughts. They see themselves as the producers, the 'strivers', they have arrogance and an inflated self-esteem. This being common (I don't even think I am contradicting their public pronouncements) among their members, what follows will inevitably be vicious and hypocritical. Tough love (which I think is usually sophistic anyway) is about the best one can hope for, with more of the former than the latter, that is if you catch them on a good day.

What does this lead to? Leaving aside any hyperbole: the worst off lighter in the pocket, the most vulnerable ending up in all kinds of tragic circumstances, needless pointless rip-offs of the public at large and in the immediate and longer terms the ruining of the nation. THAT is why I detest them.

So the odd good thing thrown in (which remains to be seen and for others to argue) does not cut it. To run a country in such a way is a very bad idea. I hope and believe that we will be rid of them at the next opportunity, and the sooner the better.

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