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October 26, 2017


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I feel Britain has ruled the world and had an actual empire within living memory. America has an even greater one, and British governments hold on to their coat tails and curry favour. And its undue Russian influence that we should be concerned about?

The Pentagon, and its billions of dollars are going to be out maneuvered by Russian billionaires? I'd just urge some caution in developing a narrative that overlooks this. I've not the least doubt that your intentions are wise and honourable, but we need to be focused on where the real power is and how it affects our interests.

Military leaders, political leaders and the class of 'nobility' (the establishment?) that presides; that wields the overwhelming influence are not Russian oligarchs and their subterfuge. We simply do not know what they (the former) are up to given the facts alluded to in the second paragraph. Weaken one country, stop a war here, start one there. There should be an idea that the world is formed and manipulated not by Russian billionaires but rather by the Pentagon citadel.

America and its military is so rich that it shows off. That it (check this one though I'm sure its right) equals the budget and technology of every other state combined. Is that a good thing? My first question is, how will this affect US? In other words what are they going to do, seek peace, or be itching to flex their might/ superiority? Is there some grand expedition that all the politicians get sucked into one way or another? Which is all to do with class interests, there is no mutual interest. Teeming, festering, gargantuan Inequality is relevant. Can't finish that one at the moment.

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