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October 29, 2017


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Interesting argument. And with respect one that could have been made 20 years ago, and still be ignored. Most of them probably think they have 'made it' and have the right to bleed everything they can out of the circumstance.

I question the value of politicians orating on this subject. Not you but most of them are stiff necked idiots. Someone who genuinely cares about the institution and its conduct is in a minority. Nevertheless, it is all 'theirs'. They built it, they 'succeeded', and they have the right to profit. Yes, they are wrong. The country, the world, goes back many centuries and the stand out people are not the selfish arrogant ones, they are not what progress is built upon.

Why is it that manpower was cheaper the further back you go? And why is it that facile popinjays seek the credit and esteem from it? To pretentiously boast of their wealth in most instances. Not for any interest or benefit of ours. Bring them down. Make them say sorry properly.

I guess authority is only instigated insofar as we allow it to be. When it behaves like it is unfit and unreasonable, well, it is time at the least to punish them electorally. When people are unsuitable, lacking in basic dignity, when they show themselves incapable of basic reason, and conduct themselves with animal instinct. They should be ruined and cast out without pity. Quite which 'rule' applies I am not sure, but if you will allow I will pontificate.

* Be made to suffer consequences. I've no sympathy. They knew what they were doing, they are traitors. Some of them are only idiots, but that's at best.

* Strip them of every title and privilege immediately, even within the system they have brought it into disrepute: without?

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