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September 08, 2017


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Cheers, Paul, I'll add a bit more on Grenfell Tower.

I still maintain that when the middle class/ upper middle class and so on find themselves with a duty to preserve the interests of working class people they will buck, which amounts to them ignoring stuff, and not showing duty. They will not serve, prejudice... class, even racial?

To my mind these victims (I think that is a fair name) are better than their persecutors. I'm mindful that I should be calm and reasonable.

Ok. That said I will say this.

People aren't born bad. So why the lack of care (in my view caused by class, social and racial prejudice)? I'm not going to name names, but people with all the advantages turn to corruption.

The stain of guilt is quite evident. I don't like saying it, but it will be said by reasonable people. There has to be solidarity with the Grenfell Tower survivors.

A whitewash will not do, will not work. There is blood on the hands of the council and the government. I'm sorry I can't be more specific.

This is an historical event. Most of our history is not recorded or told. The behaviour of those invested in the system (a minority) is filthy and immoral.

No one can stand there and tell me that people do not have blood on their hands, that a great injustice and criminal negligence has not been done to the poorest, least cared about in society.

As I said the other day, so many other well meaning people do not even realise.

Paul Flynn

ThanksAd. You raise the same point that I made before the Iraq War. Saddam Hussain may have had WMDs but in what circumstances would he ever use them without guaranteeing hs own suicide and chaos for his country.

Paul Flynn

M.P for Newport West,
A.S dros Orllewin Casnewydd,


I suppose war, when it is unnecessary, will only cause further problems and more war and instability.

I feel if we had better standards, more democracy we would avoid so many problems. Going to war on lies, thinking they have the right, these cosseted buffoons don't even seem to know they are doing it.

Kick them out, attack them (legally). And do the same to those who clearly ape them. We have to have sides and we have to have principles. There is a choice for everyone. Diplomacy has a limit.

And I'm not saying diplomacy with North Korea is over, rather that: are they (America) seriously contemplating war because they are being provoked (disrespected even)?

IF North Korea attacks the South or Japan, what could they expect? By provocation they only harm themselves. Military drills on the border are going to make them uneasy. In the end if they do attack they lose and their country is gone.

If North Korea with a rather basic nuclear weapons capability attacks the south it can be defeated quite easily. So why would they? Could America keep pushing them to a point to where it becomes unbearable? That is the biggest worry. It would take a stupid government to strike first on either side.

So why the eff is North Korea's every missile test the main news week in week out for years?

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