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September 15, 2017


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Those with power, authority and material wealth using those circumstances to their own advantage and not caring at all about the rest of us? That is the legacy of his government. Take that how you will but ask yourself: what did he do for the poorest? He injured them, he oppressed them. There is a difference between the two sides. There is one side against another; weaker against stronger.

I repeat: it is not enough for them to have the lion's share, even to be content and hold on to it. They are driven to spoil the lot of others, to poison their well upon principle, to attack the poor. George Osborne is a clear example.

Take away from the poor, make them uncomfortable, that's their aim. The little you have they don't want you to enjoy. OK, why? I'll say what I think at least:

* They are selfish. They want to stop others getting to where they are because it will (in their view) dilute their wealth, privilege and power.

* Tradition, go back, way back through the industrial revolution and their attitude is consistent: grind and cheat the poor.

* Holding doctrines (political, economic even religious) that merely serve their own interests and satisfy their nasty, selfish, baseless principles.

*Infiltration, stabbing you and yours whilst using you, fibbing to you that we have a common interest that should unite us.

*And also: strangling the truth with all their influence and connections, to throw mud at anyone who doesn't like and accept it.

These things Osborne dares to do, as his class always has and will until we work out that we are forced into this situation, that if we refuse we suffer. They hold the reins, and can afflict and promote the false doctrines alluded to.

The core of our society is injustice.

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