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August 15, 2017


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On Charlottesville and the sadistic cowardly murder:

Its never enough for these guys. People can have all the advantages yet piss in someone else's water supply. The state does support you. It doesn't others. That's quite clear.

Trump is playing you for his own petty institutionally recognised 'honour' (I'm the boss) but really its just a rich man's plaything. Its about profit.

The alt right are only about spoiling things. Your leaders would give you a pittance to support them. Trump, Bannon, Spencer, Jones: miserable creatures, not even any bravery or honour. You are feeding on their leftovers. You have no leadership. They may do some brain work, doesn't mean you can't do the same.

Full of yourself on racial grounds? Self righteously playing the victim? Despising others because you are led by the nose by some hollow gobshite? Think again. It comes back to have, and have not. That is the real interest.

Strong should attack weak says the NAZI idea which alt-rightism is festooned with. That is literally the behaviour of animals. Instead of sheltering, offering conditions of recovery they will attack, shun or leave to die. If that is what you allow in power then we are all more or less fu'''ed.
Jewish people aren't your enemy. Social and economic predators are.


Neither party covered themselves in glory. I imagine that many MPs are still around that were involved in the fateful decisions. I'm sure there are many who would like to see it all forgotten and to not be confronted with important truths, some of which Mercer talks about. (going by your informative and interesting take on the book).

So, yes, they'd rather not hear about it but they all should. Its a dereliction really to ignore it out of convenience, to let things just roll onwards without censure or reflection. It lets them off the hook. "Thats finished, thats all in the past" would be the majority's attitude, and that Is a serious error, deadly serious. I humbly suggest that you and Mercer would be amongst the few who we could look to on that. You've done so much, but you should not be deterred by the refusal to take notice or the lack of interest of those with responsibility. Just following America into wherever they target is not a good plan. The history of the 'war on terror' testifies to that. Its a mistake to tie the country's foreign policy to the whims of a foreign government and support them unconditionally from a position of obedience. Our honour is our own, and it is precious, as are our principles and interests. That should be what guides such decisions.

Things change, and they should. America, and Britain to an extent in support of it, has a machine that oppresses, robs and deceives. It pulls a lot of strings. They will tend to find excuses to put that machine to work but will not usually come up with cohesive and well thought through moves in terms of the interests of the people they govern. In fact they have made messes in foreign regions, that has to stop. We've seen their attitude when they claim their superiority (economically, politically, militarily) will bring easy victories and in the lack of planning for occupation and post invasion leading to more conflict and instability. Money, though, is still made and the 'machine' sustains itself.

How can ignoring the truth of historic failures lead anywhere other than disaster? I would venture to say that stupidity breeds stupidity. It attracts disaster. Once a slide starts it can gather momentum. Its not so hard to imagine politics and the economy going down the toilet. Not that it is all rosy at the moment by any means, I've said as much recently, but there it is.

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