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August 23, 2017


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I don't imagine the leave result has endeared us and our interests to the institution itself and a large section of the populace. We are headed somewhere, probably not somewhere good.

I think the British establishment's shtick (pompous, expecting special treatment) will not count for much. This is a problem. I imagine we are quite hated. For the reasons I have just mentioned.

They (EU establishment) certainly aren't looking to HELP us or give us an easy ride.

So, no, perhaps not pleasant in the short term. I don't however think that such treatment is right or fair. There isn't a great deal of honesty from both sides. Resentment too. I think the problems of our country are difficult and are only cemented and entrenched by being overseen by an undemocratic supra-national organisation.

Trouble is, its much the same on our side of the divide. There is no justice, equality or any hunger for it.

The majority can be wrong. The majority can steer us wrongly. Are either side, such as they are, treating each other honestly and fairly? We need people with principles, intelligence. Not front and shamelessness.

I think people, me included, don't take much notice of other's misfortune. And because the more unfortunate are struggling to get by without having time to voice their interests it gets overlooked.

If things were the right way round we would say, "we need better political representatives, more competent in technicalities, more willing to earn their keep through diligence" etc. I strongly believe that is what we need but are NOT getting.

Paul Flynn

Brexit is attractive in theory but impossible in practice. As each new Brexit horror emerges public opinion will shift to the position pre-referendum of 95% of Labour MPs.

Paul Flynn  

M.P for Newport West,
A.S dros Orllewin Casnewydd,

01633 262 348/ 020 7219 3478 / 0788 792 5699


I think the governments attitude to it heralds disaster. They don't listen, which is typical. The attitude is 'the referendum decided, we must oblige'. Almost dogmatic, despite the fact that the result was narrow, within which on both sides there are a range of opinions/positions. They even called a GE just to give them their 'strong hand' (didn't work out..)

You could make any argument to them, they wouldn't hear it. The result came in, the course is to be refractory?

Its like, " we have been given the authority, therefore what we do is inevitable and infallible". Well hang on a moment. A referendum doesn't give authority to batten down the hatches and forge ahead however they want, ironically weakening the hand of those who voted either way in the referendum.

All the while they invite Donald Trump to be fully regaled by the head of state. That is who really rules us and would make a better referendum. Hence the dissolving of the NHS, rejection of climate change facts and being governed in the interests of the inherently selfish few.

I'll lay my cards out. I don't see Brexit as a bad thing for the rulers, bourgeoisie, and to an extent us. We though should not work for them. Or be told that when cuts lead to redundancy, or wage CUTBACKS, then its clear: they need us, not us them. Truth, but the opposite is the only permissible discourse.

What do we need? Someone to tell us what to do? Its all true, what Marx said. The early church isn't remote (reference to Acts).

Not that that confers authority, merely illustrates the comprehensive lack of base continued and perpetuated by those who oppose justice. (for their own gain).

So, going back, they won't listen. And Marx is about as relevant as can be.

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