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August 08, 2017


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Furthermore: plots, assassinations go way back. Good leaders, good PEOPLE are more likely to be offed, driven out or altogether condemned by authority.

Do I mean Corbyn? Not particularly, but standards aren't high. We really do have to think about the future. I'd far sooner see a Corbyn led government than the useless, baseless Tories even if people have reasonable reservations.

Reasonable reservations? He is the best option to preserve whatever we have in the face of the aggressive form of upper class buffoon that will destroy liberty and security for some extra dosh. They will pursue and attack (e.g. Corbyn) to preserve their inherited, systemic advantage. Which is what I think is happening here.

A person can't submit to this. Corbyn was best placed to realise the mass political expression. They probably think the political tendency and we behind it are 'cheeky'. Or animals to be layed in traps.

Some will prance around, perhaps fearing to lose the little they have (after all 'there is always someone worse off'). But when it is all over we want a bit of peace, comfort and safety. Fewer and fewer get that. To bring it to the point; it profits us more to speak to our own interests and to not put them on the back burner. Namely, the universal interest, (peace etc.) and the end of institutional classism.


There does seem to be some arranging of the deckchairs on the Titanic. I think the upper class are caught by surprise. I risk repeating myself, but as long as the political class on behalf of their masters continuously disgrace themselves the further they concede.

Its open knowledge that we have a class system imposed upon us. Starting with the monarchy. It doesn't matter how often they fail or disgrace themselves and their office, they are replaced and the system reboots itself.

Yet they cannot conceive of the bigger picture. The one in which their system surely collapses. Where the world doesn't care to trade with them. Where they can't sell, or store or collect. Then on top of that you are subject to forces that WANT to put you down.

The system, i.e. its nucleus, the London banking, stock exchange and political fist is not remote. It is not inhabited by those who are 'better'. Most people now know this, hence the political/social shift. They've become parasites leeching off a bloated system.

Who loses? Firstly the colonies of which Britain in its turn is one. The country is broken. There is no future for it. Education is broken. The economy is going downhill. The rest of the EU will be the same. The law will apply in the rest of the EU. Once one country has its turn to suffer the next will apply the rules and find the rules to be what? Meaningless?

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