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July 14, 2017


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I'll add my thoughts to your excellent response.

Wonderful? In its accepted and widely used meaning it was not 'wonderful'. It was one of the most disgraceful episodes in modern history. They believe sacrifice in war is somehow admirable or glorious. They think it is how they defend their realm. It appears we have scarcely moved on. In this day and age it is an attitude that needs to be stamped out, perilous as general war would be for us all if it were to return. Its provocative to all reason and (perhaps unintendedly) an insult to all those who fought and died to call it 'wonderful'.

Its a depressing thought that people with such a backwards ideology infest the institutions of national and local government. They lead us into further futility. Under them we work and lead pointless lives that can be chucked away by those who would bring us to ruin.

Why do they do that? I think it is because (at least in this instance) they are foolish. They are confused morally. If that sounds high handed please bear with me. They go around ruining things. For themselves and for so many others besides. Because they are foolish, because they can't see the danger of the course they take for them and than the rest of us. I happen to believe in the dictates of justice. It needs people to pursue it but it never dies. The more you offend the more the storm will be fomented and rage upon the offenders. They become history's contemptible losers.

Tens of thousands of lives ruined or lost, for what advantage? One in which only a certain type of person would rejoice and describe it as 'wonderful'. What did it all profit us in the end?

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