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July 06, 2017


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Paul Flynn

It will get better. The Tories are sett explode when they festering internal hatreds hit boiling point.


Paul's efforts in select committee set to music :) Whats not to like! Everyone doing their bit.

My only note is that our enemies are waging war most brutally and we better react. How? Using whatever skills we have and a little bit of time. It should be a walkover if we keep this momentum up. Take their weapons away from them in the first instance, which is what SHOULD be done.

Honestly, they look feeble. I expected a lot more fight. Even if they do get it together they are naked now and the momentum has turned against them. People have started to get their belief and self-respect back. Those that try to destroy the soul are on the run. I won't expand. Ok. As with the devil when you resist him, they are more afraid of us etc.

Not me personally but the cause and all those who are attracted to it are invincible at the moment. The right wing press, cowed by their own shitness, their politicians incompetent politically, socially are the examples that spring to mind. Buffoons like Johnson and Rees-Mogg looking like the candidates to replace the robotic May.

Their calumnies and those of their media servants? We can beat them. I thought the reaction would be fierce. Its limp. Even if I do provoke them they are ruined.

So, keep arguing and winning. Ignore the mud slingers. Stop being exploited/ripped off.

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