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June 25, 2017


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Ellen Law

Paul - you make excellent points here and it is highly relevant to the points I wanted to raise about Brexit . I feel the UK is going down a long and bitter road and we need to challenge the idea that ' the people have spoken" . That is a cover up for the big mistake , lies and more lies that got us to this point . I have joined every pro EU group I can and will march in Cardiff next month . I am a constituent and will email you too . I heard Keir Starmer 's speech it was very positive in a dire situation so well done Keir


Paul, I think you make an important point that I will highlight: that we can do so much better, so easily. The question begging is, why do we put up with this?

They've been back in a week or so for all intents and purposes, and what have they brought us? A narrow focused, cumbersome inquiry led by establishment figures. The DUP in coalition and their fictitious nonsense beliefs and association (directly) with bigotry. You've said similar yourself in your blogs and tweets.

Christians who demand a billion, 'lose' half a billion and hate their neighbor. Who are the NI catholic community going to appeal to now? Its going to push the two communities further apart.

Are The Troubles so soon forgotten? Hidden from government, media etc by their own ignorance, laziness. And I don't pretend I'm an expert but then I didn't just sign off a billion pounds of tax to creationists, orange marching bigots etc who celebrate the original persecution. I'm certain most are reasonable people, but that doesn't include the crude backwards DUP.

The 'trouble' is not over for the catholic community of NI. Theresa May in a cynical and pathetic stunt has thrown them under the bus. You can't reason with the likes of the DUP. Its a mockery of the peace process and I say that consciously.

I could go on saying how a Corbyn led Labour government would sort some of this out, but I've said enough. Others may want to. A final note: the spamming of the comments on your blog (Nairobi University?) is unwelcome. Best of luck and thanks as ever.

augustine raila

politics quite a dirty game.

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