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June 16, 2017


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beautiful information


Delays are one thing but the Morgan inquiry podcast relies in the main on a known paid police perjurer.


How can you support justice when there is none? How has Grenfell Tower been treated? Its desolate now.

Yes, they said. We give our taxes, our power and community into this shit system. Surely we will have basic protection. It was a lie.

Their city has failed them. Told them they are unwanted/undeserving. Thumbscrews, isolation, pressure to go away. That invokes politics, ideology. WE owe them nothing. Whatever they at last did today or is about to be done is not enough. Punishment is needed.

And DON'T sympathise with them. People are in great distress, crying their hearts out. No doubt left to get on with it. Does anyone imagine their pain and then look at the pathetic response from paid elected politicians? I would say people across London and in so many other cities across the UK are recognising that.

May can't go to certain areas. It could happen down your road/street. We accept this. This is the result of saying the weak must give way to the strong. My politics is the exact opposite.

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