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June 19, 2017


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augustine raila

quite good.thanks




Paul I know people will argue (and I acknowledge there is an element of it) for 20/20 hindsight, but people didn't listen to the Grenfell Tower residents.

Numerous times they didn't obey the warnings and criticisms of the residents. They simply didn't listen. Ignored them. When they did acknowledge them it was as undeserving time wasters. No humility, treated them like they were better.

Too proud to serve? At the risk of sounding pompous I'll expand. They felt no duty. No duty even to obey the law. Its unpleasant to them. Why? Sorry to be the one (amongst many) but it comes down to class. I won't belabour that just yet.

I certainly don't intend to be flippant but I say these are worse than their Victorian forefathers. By which I mean, more refractory, having grown even more severe. They are ignoramuses, unwilling to be challenged. So... gulp.

Where is peace, prosperity and self-respect? I would note that the queen and William did ok. However, there is a problem here. They do nothing for us. But have a role? This, I hope, should consume them. How much is the cost of refurbishment and upkeep of their palaces?

At the end of the day the fire of Grenfell Tower will rage on for some time yet.

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