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June 12, 2017


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augustine raila

qute impressive use of nature.THANKS


Nice piece

Suzanne King (Paginton)

Congratulations on your return to Newport West.
30 years is quite a feat. Very best wishes to you
And family. Suzanne (Paginton) King


You'd think any party standing on such feeble foundations is headed for oblivion. Their manifesto was a joke and the campaign a shambles. Just bad politics on all levels. Austerity for the sake of it, myths of competence shattered, now allied to the DUP. Surely they can't keep lurching towards ruin and humiliation? Still, good news for the rest of us. I hoped for improvement and was surprised at the extent of it. Definitely a good result. Corbyn knows what he is doing and will have them on the back foot now. Needs others to step up too. The Tories looked like they were in a strong position, but are in fact very vulnerable to attack. Keep winning, get better and more experienced at campaigning and they can be toppled. How soon? Depends a lot on the PLP. If we get the party functioning and more united, well they owe it to us to go after them, to throw their arrogant behaviour back in their faces. To not let up in the fight.

Its been a long time since the Tories have been on the back foot, longer still since Labour could offer something as a party. Now they are wounded and we don't owe them any patience or respite. Corbyn's style is typically restrained, its genuine and it worked for him. Now they need to be heard. The governing party is in disarray. Lets hope, and I expect it will, that the trajectory of both parties continues apace.

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