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May 01, 2017


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nice piece

Paul Flynn

As you say, Ad it not wise to expect any improvement from this election. I am keen to stay because I am in the middle of dozens of campaigns and other isssues that remain unresolved. Dangerous days are ahead. I am deeply embroiled in many issues that threaten Newport and some like Trump that threaten the survival of humanity. I want to be back to continue the battles.
Thanks for your letters


I'd love to see the back of them. Can it be done? I think it can begin to be. That is, Tories losing seats. More MPs interested in real justice and common sense, please. And keep the ones around that ARE enthusiastic about serving the public and doing good for all of us, not in retirement benefits or bland ambition like so many.

A lot depends on the candidates standing. I hope May has miscalculated. None of them are all they're cracked up to be. I'd like to see a change in the landscape. Though a Labour majority is not likely (plus Lib Dems have shown their true colours already), signs of recovery and perhaps some fresh talent coming in can't do any harm. I don't think May, or many in her circle, are particularly astute.

Just speculation really. There is not much to lose. A hubristic move by the Prime Minister? I think so. We'll find out soon.

We, the majority, whose interests don't align with the Tories, including those who do not yet realise it (I don't mean to be patronising but the establishment and its media are overwhelmingly biased) could be better off and in a better position in a month or so.

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