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April 15, 2017


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No matter how it turns out the abusers and exploiters will carry on. Trying to change their course is futile. So what hope? There are things that they will not and cannot understand. Some of the greatest scientific and political ideas and so on have gone against the prevailing grain. But enough people will understand, its natural human nature.

The world and the human race and its habitation will end one day. We don't know the date and nukes do put us in a precarious situation. Personally, and I know it doesn't count for much with many of your readers and further abroad, I don't see the anti-Christ prophesies in the New Testament coming around anytime soon. Which I believe must come about. I won't belabour that point (I'm not the one to do it anyway).

Sudden annihilation, nuclear winter, I don't think thats a risk. Trump is on a leash to an extent. He has to be. And what of the people surrounding him? Geeks, time servers, as well as intelligent and competent people at various positions in the command chain.

I'll go on record happily to say I don't think NE Asia will be nuked. I'll tell you why I think that. THEY are not going to go to war to protect us. I refuse to believe they are mortally afraid of the North Korean weapons programme.

There must be dissent and people itching to flee abroad. In other words ferment that, work on that and wait it out. What are NK going to do, strike first and annihilate themselves? Again human survival instinct rules that out. A multi-trillion dollar military and intelligence establishment should see to that

Kim Jong Un is a massive wanker. Inherited his power. His noises and provocations are of his type. So the danger? He obeys the law and he can carry on. Thats the best outcome and scenario that I can see. So no idiotic regime change bullshit, sit back and wait, maybe for a good while. One day their house will slip up, exercise too much cruelty. They'll see through it and reject the tyrant as many have done in many instances against far more terrible tyrants.

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