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April 29, 2017


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Paul Flynn


I am watching a great deal of CNN these days. They are great-impartialmintelligent reportingand anathema to Trump. Surely it cannot go with politics of lies and impulsive dangerous acts that inflame frozen conflicts throughout the planet. Good luck!

Paul Flynn MP

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democrats in america, especially like me in red states have no voice. voting has become an exercise in futility, and judging by our last election even our votes don't count. i've lost many elections, to reagan, to poppy & dubya bush- and "winning" with carter, clinton and even obama did little to improve the quality of life for me or my low wage family.

but with trump- i've not merely "lost" my identity with ruling "power" i've experienced a swift and direct attack on my own life & livelihood. to add insult to injury- the broad attacks on immigrants, civil liberties and upon our fundamental institutions and by extension, world peace, ending hunger and war are proving unbearable. our #resistance is not a hobby, we are fighting for our very lives.

brexit never seemed correct to me as it represented the trend towards nationalism- although unchecked globalism lends itself to the worst any of us have to offer or accept. dems would be wise to follow global political evolution & revolution- as viewed from a historical lens- cause as of today we're on track to self destruct.

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