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March 24, 2017


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I know I've said a lot on this subject but here it is anyway. You were right. So they were wrong not to listen. That is to say you were right out the gate (wise before the fact), and anticipated the problem. The seeds they sow and reap, you warned them and spent years supplicating common sense.

My point is that things roll on and we must see to it that you take this authority you have earned and regenerate that which these (always) faulty leaders have wrought. Thats not to say you haven't accomplished much already.

So I would suggest future peace would be the logical goal. How? Valiantly proclaiming, cutting their arguments apart, using their own failures as weapons against them. ie. not allowing them to posture or accepting their 'front'. To not accept bollocks reasoning and argument no matter how well they lay the ground for it. Battles have been fought already. The next one? Well we should have an unbeatable army ready to take them on, and drown them out through reason, history and threat.


I wonder how far May and the Tory government will go in order to ingratiate themselves with the White House? Is that what allies do? Vassals?

They followed the USA into wars, yet must prostrate themselves immediately. That doesn't bode well. We've done that already and it led to a huge amount of unnecessary bloodshed. And for no real benefit for the class who fought and died. Suspending the fight they should be fighting. You have only one lifetime to do it. There is a chance to right wrongs, to find and show a better cause. Ultimately for many, to redeem themselves and the institutions they have besmirched. To do that, which is what should be done, guilt must be acknowledged.

The opposite being what the current leadership looks likely to pursue. Which could lead us backwards. To dutifully following whichever shallow demagogue into more bloodshed and futility. A crossroads really. It requires those with voices of reason to not hold back, you being a prime example of that, Paul, others should take it up too. Good nature, honesty and sincerity is what we need rather than superficiality, opportunism and short-sighted selfishness.

To see a reversal in the prominence of those currently serving themselves, being 'full' of themselves, and brought down a peg or two by those they arrogantly ignore and treat with contempt. I'd lack to see the good natured (which we really do look to) not to have the agenda dragged around to suit the narrow interests of lazy/cowardly actors.

Look what they have done and ask yourself, can we not do better? I believe we can. We must be able to. I don't believe that George Osborne has the credentials to be a newspaper editor, even if his duties are superficial, yet he is still given it. The same goes for his time as chancellor. An immoral man who takes a generous MP's salary whilst cashing in by taking on an unfeasible amount of 'jobs' and supposedly still giving his all to the office he was elected to. Is THAT who we should look to? They deserve it less than you or I. They are not better. What they have is an unfair advantage, which they shouldn't have.

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