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March 09, 2017


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the decision was taken to go into Helmand province on the basis that "not a shot would be fired." The result of that was that 450 more soldiers lost their lives

a decision taken by a labour pm, who you didn't stop, and a phrase spoken by a labour defence secretary, who you also didn't stop.

In other words the blood is on you, and on Blair's hands, nowhere else


Its almost like it didn't happen, that NATO wasn't thoroughly embarrassed by grassroots (supposedly backward) insurgents and ran away with all its aims and supposed accomplishments in tatters. This was NOT victory or "mission accomplished" or however they want to sell it.

Why does it matter? It shows that they are incompetent, weak. That they will lurch from one disaster to the next incoherently without learning or reacting. Our soldiers deserve better, and more importantly innocent civilians deserve better as do citizens of the world. Its also an illustration of everything that is wrong with our civilisation. Bloated but weak on its feet. Vulnerable.

Laws? Thrown away. Media discourse? Pathetic, past it, disheveled and ungainly. There is still good stuff being written, Paul, I agree there, but its few and far between and drowned out. In my opinion, this matters.

I am privileged to speak my mind here. Most of the likes of Paul Flynn i.e. the more venerable and experienced voices, have given up, or at least gone down foolish dead ends. They have taken the blame. The best sit in sackcloth and ashes whist the most venal run wild.

Its a sad situation. For our people its a calamity. The country is broken. This is not a good time for us. But where is the argument? Proof and evidence is there that they are incompetent and dragging us down. Maybe we cannot win, not yet, but at the least we could stop them dragging us down. Things ARE bad. Pathetic even. If it carries on we are in for trouble. America will have no compunction over leaving us behind. We are separated from Europe. It is a sick country and needs a remedy. Sucking up to and legitimising Trump isn't it.

I'll try to explain.

The press, and the BBC are running us down. There is no holding to account, which is their foremost function. They do not lift the rock, rather they bury it.

How did this come about? Reputation, once it goes down the toilet, when you are hated and laughed at, well people WANT to see you fail. The ruling class are pompous, think they are so very important and gifted, they aren't. They curse us and much more the rest of the world that they presume to meddle in.

So, being defeated by the Taliban matters, and that IS what happened. Deny it, ignore it, it doesn't make any difference. The sheer ineptitude that not only led them to unnecessarily take them on and then lose without any honour to salvage, well I'm afraid that is the country's place in the world. And it needn't be. There are still considerable reserves of skill, courage etc. Better analysts than me can do it justice but I think we may be at a crossroads. Newspapers can get lost.

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