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March 17, 2017


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They are supposed to lead the way, Their conduct should be exemplary. It is not too much to ask. If you don't want it don't go for it. They should set an example of honesty and good nature. When they are narrow minded, slow, self serving we should not look to those we are conditioned to.

The best we can be is human. We should articulate that which is militant, instructive, contentious.

You have to look at it from the perspective of, 'I don't want to acknowledge your authority or walk down your path'. To count on enough people not to join the chorus. We may get things wrong but what you are disposed to do depends upon your principles, on the ideas you hold onto through it all. Most of your colleagues are governed by what is advantageous to themselves.

A nation has been divided. Governments have done evil things, but are given legitimacy and can gloss over it through their media apparatus. It goes back decades until the present. The examples THEY follow are of the wrong kind. If anyone wants to expand on that then please do, I'm unable to.

A lot of it is front, which various headcases, charlatans and greedy careerists excel in. I'd say that was both true and also an understatement. Parasitical? To be sure. Powerful and skillful? Perhaps, but ultimately specious. Its a sad state of affairs that in our society these types of people have long held sway.

I think that we have to take them on. I don't know how that will work out. Its highly likely they will attempt to ignore you. They are mischievous, subtle, serpents. But if you have right on your side along with numbers you've nothing to fear. They may even get angry. And then revert back to their hard faced front. Don't let them carry the day on that specious basis.

Truth is simplest, schemes/lies are hard.

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