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February 23, 2017


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad. Enjoyed reading that. It's alarming that so many Republican journalists make excuses for Trump's untruths and hysteria. He must be impeached and removed. There are plenty of quality journalism who doing their job. Truth must triumph over Trump's self-serving fantasies.\


When Trump visits perhaps he should be prevented from using the lavatory for the duration of his stay as that's what his administration wishes to do to transgender people. He'll just have to 'hold it in' until he gets back on Airforce One, as that's what the US Republicans are expecting transgender people to do!


A superpower and supposedly Britain's closest ally. The level of interest and coverage is different. As is the sheer eagerness in helping to endorse Trump. If America goes down the toilet, well the forces that drive it will probably affect us too. Britain could go the same way. Its dominated, colonised in some ways and closely tied. A lot more in common, culturally and politically.


Didn't see any protests about China or Saudis appalling human rights records when they visited, or Russia decriminalising domestic violence. Typical left hypocrisy


They think it is honourable to be a disgrace. Bannon said so ("Satan is good"). They want to entrap people into legitimising their bigoted, anti-social mentality and worldview. That seems to me to be their game. Corruption fosters corruption. You have written as much, Paul. Now they make the laws, laws that are themselves corrupt and wrong. Remember, "darkness is good". Ignorance is not an excuse. Those who willfully turn a blind eye are responsible.

Stick to your principles. Don't imitate or try to play the game on their terms. Concise truth vs ignorant bluster. We must treat them as the filth they are. Their rules are not ours. If reason and justice are ignored then every chancing predator will devour you. That is where we are. Trump, Bannon, Pence etc. love to stoke fear, keep you weak and helpless, put you in danger...

You can't reclaim the hard right, the alt-right etc. The left have to realise that they are being mugged. Seeking perfection is playing on their terms and being dictated to by them. i.e.the alt right, white nationalists, libertarians etc. I won't go on because others have far greater insight about this. But I will just repeat they are filth and will always be. DO NOT kid yourself that they can be made reasonable. They've chose this ethos. 'Darkness'.

Trump, Bannon, Breitbart and others fart out their stench without a care. That is without recognisably human principles and/or a considered regard for justice and reason. What came before? Nonentities looking to simply make money. That is their real conviction. People know this. The pretense at circumspection is belied by the facts, by events. They are scandalous failures in several ways. Hopefully soon they will be recognised as such.

Journalists. Most shamelessly pump out propaganda. Ceaselessly, cynically. They are a disgrace. Their duty is to instruct in knowledge, principles of laws and decent honest argument. Also to support justice which is always clear if sought. Why don't we get that? Where does it inevitably lead?

So, who is to blame? The government the media and the electorate in that order. Many are quite happy to go along with the complete destruction (attempted but never can be) of anyone who does not go along with their own petty minded self worship.

They are specious. Pollution.

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