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February 05, 2017


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Paul Flynn

Agree, Ad. Politics is a nightmare. Bannon is throwback to the Middle Ages. Horrific to see the silencing on an American senator yesterday.


When politics becomes a rubbish heap, when institutions are not maintained, when men and women shrink away from a challenge, well we are into an absurd territory.

There is a reason that the likes of Trump and Bannon are at the centre of America's government. For so long the good hearted are either destroyed or bought (enslaved). The law is not honoured. Its happened before. Books may be burnt. Or more likely ignored and not referred to by those mentioned in the first paragraph. I hope I am not speaking in an over excited manner, but I believe that the Trump inauguration is pernicious and should be recognised and dealt with as such by a supposedly sovereign parliament. Or to to put it more simply: you will rarely find those willing and capable of saying and doing what needs to be said and done.

Many who shouldn't have have opted for silence. Afraid? Where are the wise and venerable politicians and media commentators now that a salesman and a right wing propagandist have the superpower bully pulpit? Rolling around in their own mire? Maybe they are ashamed and disappointed. Most of them are useless posers and now they and everyone else knows it.

Calamity. Following what? Their church being supportive of a man (Bannon) who says Satan and darkness is a good thing? That is a broken church and the people following it are being mugged. Bullheaded conspiracy theorists roaring against reason because it soothes their thirst for an exciting narrative against the reality of their broken society? Stories and idle deceptions pumped out by those chasing their own fictional redemption?

If it can happen in America it can happen here. If politics degenerates then you get Trump. If they hiss and hate and abuse and enjoy treading on others. If they rob the wealth that belongs to us in their maniacal greed thinking that they are the clever, skillful, brave 'go-getters'well they are certainly digging their own graves and ours with it unless we tell them to stop once and for all.

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