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February 12, 2017


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Its absurd that he won't watch it. At least he could then take the criticism on board or refute it. When the remit is wholesale change, including making people who have already found themselves unable to work, have then applied and filled in the forms and likely been through the process of assessment by private companies to determine if they are eligible for some sort of an income, now the goalposts are shifted and they have to do it again. All for the cynical purpose of cutting costs. Austerity at its worst.

These are the sharpest, worst end of the wedge. He can't even bring himself to watch 'I, Daniel Blake' much less respond. I applaud you for the attempt and the point of principle. These are the kind of people that we need to see the back of along with the ethos that dictates that you can treat 'jobseekers' and those with mental and/or physical disabilities however you want if it cuts the costs in the longer term. 'And besides *nudge nudge* we all know they are only idle and playing the system, a burden at best.'

So they, their spouses and children are accused of wasting resources and that bleeds through into every scheme. Every time they are called 'burdens' by oxbridge millionaires, every outsourced medical assessment that asks questions to simply catch people out and tick certain boxes in the guise of a GENUINE assessment. Did we not go over this already in Victorian times? Or do you have to be cruel and inhuman to be kind? We are not skint, the man earns £195,000 per annum. Britain is one of the worlds bigger economies. Its ideological Tory mindedness. Scum basically. Goes for both parties unfortunately for the most part.

Someone who gets a £20,000 bonus for being parsimonious or more likely ruthless ('I, Daniel Blake' is an authentic and typical example and food banks are the result) doesn't have the right to dictate, cajole or distress those who demand only fairness and dignity. Those who require it SHOULD be entitled to care and peace of mind.

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