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January 10, 2017


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Its always Hobson's choice with this lot isn't it? Where IS the leadership? Its required.

They've practically done away with a significant part of the state. I'm hearing bad things, lost industries, getting bullied by bigger interests. Meanwhile they bask as if they have won some kind of victory. Making arrogant 'brave' soundbites for the consumption of the Tory press, probably.

Is this the state destroying itself? Or is it in fact managed behind the scenes? What do we want out of the situation, why should you, Paul, have to take issue to protect Welsh industry? In my opinion they will take you for a ride if possible. I would suggest, make this about OUR interests. Forget immigration for now (everyone always brings it up in these discussions usually in a top down "the people are only concerned with" etc...) lets go further. We've every right to, this is our home.

Don't let them put their feet up, or dictate every outcome. Our interests are not dangerous or unreasonable. Remainer or Leaver, take what you can while you can. I'll explain that, what were YOU offered or anyone else? Its possible Britain could become a tax haven, hyper libertarian, far right upper class fantasy ground. I'm not qualified to write that sentence, others more informed and dedicated are welcome to take it on past my capabilities. However, (in the context of an attempt at discussion) the rule books have practically been torn up. What do you replace this dissolved authority with? With rules and changes in our interest? I doubt they are considering that.

There is nothing in the press/TV coverage where you will find any real argument or vision. At least you will find it very scarcely. It saddens me somewhat but that is the plate we have been served.

I don't know how many in the Labour Party are biding their time, but they are practically mute. Hobbled by Blair's wars? Waiting for an opportunity? Its a sad state of affairs. I hope thats not flippant but it seems to me it needed to be said. A pathetic, diseased former credible party. Time to grow up and realise you need to become an opposition. Blair is contemptuous and led many wrongly, so for the next 30 years the Tories, who backed him on that, can walk all over the majority in the upper class interest? It was a deeply shameful and sorrowful episode. Good riddance?

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