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January 20, 2017


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In Canada I don't think the debate is as important as to safety as much as how can the government profit off of legalization. In Ontario, Canada we're looking at our usual tax of 13% + $1/gram.

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Hi Paul! Very well said. I agree with what you said, "it is absurd that expensive and harmful pharmaceutical painkillers are liberally prescribed, while use of cannabis is harshly punished." Really absurd.


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Definitely some people are predisposed to paranoia, schizophrenia and other mental conditions and these people should avoid cannabis which may exacerbate their condition.


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What is best for the people? Is it what is in the narrow interest of politicians unwilling to think or act beyond what is safely to their own advantage? Or is it what is in the interest of the people they govern? It seems to me that government policy is not based on reason, which is what we need most of all in cases like this.

Even if (and I don't believe them) their policy is about harm prevention the arguments for prohibition do not stack up. People in large numbers choose to use it recreationally. It is easily grown and produced and people will use it in spite of the fact that it is illegal. The government criminalise people and deny them a choice that should belong to them. Yet they can drink themselves to death if they like. As Paul's blog post talks about things tend to even out. i.e. there is usually a drop in usage and crucially less usage among children.

It seems to me that it is below alcohol in terms of health risk and other factors e.g. accidental death or violence while under the influence. I'm not a medical professional but that much seems obvious. I'm not saying one is better than the other, or neither for that matter, but people should have that choice. Its not dangerous to adults yet prohibition leaves cannabis it in the hands of the unscrupulous who can adulterate it if they wish. It leaves it in the hands of those who make it available to teenagers.

I don't believe the majority of politicians have never tried it. Presidents, Prime Ministers etc have admitted as much. Why choose the path of being a cowardly nonentity scared of columnists in the tabloids? Its a matter of time surely. Preventing harm by speeding up the process of improved legislation and laws is their duty and responsibility.

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