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December 07, 2016


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I'll speak to the bit at the end of your post.

There is no guarantee of anything. Where we stand as a country within a wider civilisation, well the barbarians (many of them led by tossers) are always at the periphery. But when standards in public institutions (political and media) become so eroded year after year then we are looking at trouble.

Writers, politicians, Prime Ministers and party leaders are letting us down and the consequences are real. So I concur with what you said. The media and political discourse does not reflect what is best among your colleagues and elsewhere. What we have is a reflection of the worst and frequently also the most powerful interests. Small pleas to hold the centre are not going to get us anywhere, that is a deliberate TRAP.

At what point does politics become a case of amelioration, instead of anything resembling progress? It looks like that is very close. Peace, security, good governance? Hope is dwindling. We will always have to live amongst the nasty, dingy types. But since when did we let these ridiculous anti-socials hold sway? We are a relatively small country but someone needs to refresh the well of, yes, "unity". For a start.

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