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November 13, 2016


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Katie. I have often thought of that. Had their religions not co-incided I would not exist. If it had been me, there probably would not have been the same display of mercy. This is how t was.


"The family knew that during the war he had been shot in the leg, that he was marooned in no man’s land and could not escape from his machine gun placement. He heard a German-speaking group approaching, took his rosary beads and said his Hail Marys with his eyes shut. He waited forthe bullet. It never came. The officer leading the Germans was a Catholic. They carried him three miles on their backs to a field hospital. He would have bled to death in the foxhole. My father believed that the rosary beads saved his life. The officer ensured that he was well treated at a hospital where he had surgery for his wound. He was from Cologne. His name was Paul."

A horrifying experience, but under the circumstances very lucky. Before you run away with the idea that religion is so wonderful, imagine for a moment what would have happened had your father been Jewish or Muslim (or even an atheist) - unfortunately, I doubt that a devout adherent of the same Christian denomination that had tortured and murdered billions of Muslims and Jews for so many centuries - including through the infamous crusades and inquisition - would have been so charitable if he had not been a co-religionist.

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