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November 25, 2016


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Its bound to wreck the body. Why does Eubank wear a monocle? Exaggeration of what, a want of dignity? The nation was behind Frank Bruno, now nobody cares. Men who put their lives at risk for a moment of glory reduced to ridicule despite being amongst the few who were successful. Champions.

Then there are those who are ripped off. For a so called honourable profession it attracts a lot of flies. That is wide boy types who encourage young working class men and manipulate them for their own advantage. I think its fair to say that the boxers themselves do not always get well looked after. Still it keeps the tabloid sport pages running.

Going back to the business side of it, that is where the reforms should start in my opinion. As for the rules when two boxers are in the ring, I don't know. The supposed best bouts are usually the most doleful. Its essentially hypocritical.

Ali should be a warning. The 'Thrilla in Manila' is considered the best bout of all, it just happens to be ferociously brutal. That is what the audience seem to want. They make Oscar winning films about men who can take unbelievable brutality and not collapse.

Its a stupid thing to do is boxing, but then again so is joining the army when your government manipulates you and puts you at risk unnecessarily. Young men are easily sold on possible glory. They are being conned. Ultimately young people deserve more opportunity from society.

I don't buy the 'it gives working class kids physical and mental discipline and self respect' argument. Boxing is not being on the right path at that age. You can get just as fit playing other non violent sports. Basketball or athletics etc could be prioritised for those who aren't into football.

I don't buy it for a second reason, they don't go in to adult life with realistic, grounded expectations and attitudes. I've known youth boxers who have disproportionately ended up violent criminals, and/or imprisoned/dead. Is there an argument that the depravity has a lasting effect?

I believe you have a good argument, Paul. As a cause I would say "go for it". Obviously your resources of time and opportunity are limited. But you make a worthwhile and sensible argument.

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