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November 09, 2016


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Paul Flynn

Cannot disagree with any of that.
It's bad and getter worse.
Who cares?


This does seem to be a sickness. I don't buy the "we are the most transparent" line because of what you convincingly argue. A sluggishness to hear and react is to be expected but not excused. If they are on the brink they need to be warned.

We see what happens when they don't hear, when they fail to react because their heart cannot be in it. They would bring us to the edge along with themselves. The more rotten and loathsome they become the more flies they attract. Hyperbolic, but it gets to a point where reasonably intentioned individuals would give up in exasperation. To your credit you've turned your considerable experience towards blocking the flow of this self-serving exploitation of the governing institutions.

At some point it will make more sense to do away with the rotten carcass altogether. 'Carcass' denoting that it is already dead. Another more optimistic word is beyond my grasp, apologies. Dignitaries and officials, 'supreme and subordinate', can be dismissed when their only objective is to milk the advantages they have been given for as long as possible. Thank you for not being so complacent.

They've cursed and anathematised many of the people they are supposed to help. They may temporarily hold the reigns but that doesn't protect them. A lot of them are parasites or represent the true parasites for their own petty self advancement.

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