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October 08, 2016


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Paul Flynn

Its because reconciliation and unity is the only alternative to political suicide.

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I don't see the point in welcoming them back if they remain committed to undermining the leadership. There needs to be some consensus first. A divided party is useless. It would be a good move to get the arguments out of the way and realise that for the foreseeable future Corbyn and his team aren't going away as the electorate have decided.

The party is in bad shape but that's not on Corbyn. Blaming Corbyn for this is getting it backwards. Its not what he wants. They jumped ship and left the likes of you, Paul, to clear up the mess. Its been quite underhanded if I'm honest. Most people see that so I'm not aggravating the wound, just saying the obvious. Things change. The right wing does not get to try and dictate. They've lost the last two elections in a shambolic fashion. Why is that? Could it be that the party has lost purpose, distinctiveness and a direction which answers the electorate rather than corralling them? Is it not the case that people AREN'T led by the nose and can see careerists, soundbites and austerity for the poor for what it is, a rip off? They are running down a dead end. They inhabit a bubble alongside the upper class. There is so much to say about their attitude, I don't pretend I can do it justice.

The interests of the majority should come before those who guard their privilege. Accumulated wealth doesn't give them a right to fix the country's institutions in their own favour. They may attempt it but we shouldn't be reticent in challenging them. They and the media they control will complain and block any attempt at reform and improvement. The Labour right deceive by alluding to fairness and equality with empty words and little regard for it in their actions. Prosperity for the few and inequality doesn't work for the rest of us. Why should we follow that route?


Same old from Labour. Its fun to watch them being dragged kicking and screaming leftwards though.

People do still have some confidence in them and by extension the leader. Its 2016, now is the time to formulate policies and arguments. They haven't even tried. They've stood two suggestions and both failed. Anybody can list Corbyn's strengths. Not many recent party leaders can claim that. Why not build on that instead of standing people that Labour voters are not interested in? It looks hysterical this 'can't move leftwards' attitude.

Debbie Wilcox

Great article Paul - highlighting the hazards that lie ahead as we march relentlessly forwards - I also trust the judgement of the good people of our city and I hope that they can see that a competent Labour-led City Council will continue to perform for them next May and beyond. The national machinations continue but we have delivered and will continue to deliver for the people who need us to put their needs and aspirations first. Our mantra is " Together for Newport" and " Building a Better City"


Very well done in your large contribution to supporting the party through this difficult period. And congratulations in finding yourself a little more spare time now!

Now that you have had the very briefest of a breather, I wondered if you are considering an incisive PQ to try to work out if the RAF officers assisting the Saudis by "training the Saudis to comply with the international rules of war" knew about the possibility of an attack on the funeral hall in Sanaa?

I see that the BBC is reporting "ICRC's Rima Kamal told the BBC "several air strikes" had hit the venue where hundreds of civilians had been present."

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