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September 10, 2016


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If you where a serious MP you would respond to all comments rather than ignoring and showing how little you actually care about you constituents, and I don't see you "signing" your messages either.



Never respond t o anonymous comments. Stop wasting your time. If you are serious you would sign your messages.


Are you going to respond to the above Paul, or just ignore and delete because you don't like them ?


Your worst kind of sanctimonious hypocrite. Youhas done nothing for Newport. You have spent most of your time as an MP obsessing about concepts with virtually no relevance to the working man, ie; Diversity, Minority Rights, Gender issues, Iraq War. Step down now Flynn. You've been a barnacle on the bottom of the boat for to long.


Deleting comments that don't not agree with you, poor form ...you should be engaging constituents...not blocking because they don't tow the Labour Party line

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