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September 20, 2016


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Rachel G McGee

Well said


Politics is changing with revulsion against lies and attraction to the honest, authentic politicians of truth. Corbyn will continue to win.


Whilst they are in charge they ought to sort their own house out instead of making us look increasingly stupid for putting up with them. Eventually they will need to be put in their place. The self confidence drilled into them at Eton will only take them so far. Its not real authority they just assume its theirs. Its not hard to get rid either. But it requires numbers to act in their own interest. It means us 'depriving' THEM the relatively few instead of them grabbing everything at everyone else's expense. Not concessions offered grudgingly but abolition, seizure and takeover. Make them pay it all back to us so they don't keep an advantage. Whilst we sit and watch instead of acting things get worse. What I describe is what they are doing. We aren't really doing anything but are being corralled and manipulated. Play them at their own game and it should be a pushover.

What do we need them for? What have they promised to 'give' to us, prosperity, security? Do we not get the reverse? A glimmer of socialism and people assemble in droves to hear it and the establishment fails to nullify it. They must be shifting uncomfortably as it is, never mind if more people stopped feeling small and unimportant and stopped allowing themselves to be ripped off by the 'big hitters' who milk the party machinery for their 'career'.

How much of that is hyperbole or just downright shit I don't know. But lets face it most of them are practically vermin/parasites. We need a clear out and we need to stop handing over authority and instead diminish them to what they rightly are. That takes people talking to each other and taking just a little time to change behaviour slightly. Not much to ask so not an unreasonable goal.

Dan Berry

Mr Flynn, is there any possibility that you could apply the same sense of collaboration and moving forward with members across the aisle? I'm sure there must be a great number you get along with but collective hate and calling them the enemy is what puts people off party politics. Gentler politics I think it was termed by Mr Corbyn.


There doesn't seem to be much of a 'party' at all. A party that is nominally socialist.

I wish there was a bit of honesty that this is about political doctrine. The careerist £80k a year plus pension lot are only concerned with their own advancement. Thats not a contradiction in my view as many believe thats what matters. They will espouse whatever is advantageous. They've nothing to offer. All that matters is that they stay electable.

They want people to switch off in deference, I don't really understand where they are coming from. They are pulling us down. They think the fact the have 'made it' gives them license to act like this. The fact that they are elected means they can govern in terms of the opposite of the peoples' interests and aspirations. That is what is happening. Its been happening for decades and is getting worse.

That is the state of the 'authority' which they assume and boast of. There shouldn't be a wall between us and them. A wall allows them to feather their own nests, to keep a corrupt system going. Sorry to preach but we have shit political affiliation combined with a selfish grasping mentality and a lack of any real talent or conviction. Why are THEY given authority? Who does that benefit?

Lets change things. Corbyn is trying to do that. The PLP is busy undermining him. Lets put away the bullshit and find a purpose that benefits the party AND the country.

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