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August 22, 2016


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David Gibbon

You rightly call for the PLP to get back to fighting the inequalities of the Tories. However, it is hard to see how such division can be healed when you consider the levels of insult by the #chicken coup MP,s towards a lot of decent party members. Jeremy Corbyn has not stopped talking policy and challenging the Tory Government. I have no confidence in his challengers accepting their defeat gracefully. I hope I'm wrong.


There is nothing wrong with the current leader i.e. he is less shit than recent incumbents and rivals. He just isn't neoliberal enough is what it boils down to. He has some lines in the sand and principles which he won't squander just to put himself in the good graces of (failed) orthodoxy and the self advancement opportunities on offer.

They've been warned. Voter turnout, expenses theft, unpopular disastrous wars. If they don't listen they can find themselves out on their earhole. They should be grateful and relieved that the likes of you and Jeremy Corbyn have stuck around. That opens a window to preserve the movement and not go the way of the Lib Dems. But, honestly, Labour PLP would rather go that way than stick up for social democratic principles. They'd chuck it all away.

I'm not an authority but its no accident. We need to watch out. I'm not impressed by this parliament so far. They seem to think its a game. Shut up and learn when/how to speak instead of looking for your own 'big moment'. If you take power you are RESPONSIBLE.

They (politicians/press) assume to bullshit and drag everything down to a bullshit level.

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