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August 26, 2016


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simon couldry

Could I congratulate you, Paul, for your refreshingly commonsense approach to the expenses issue. The witlessness of the 'solution' of IPSA should make us want to weep.
best wishes
Simon Couldry (an East Sussex liberal, by the way)

Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad. My comment on IPSA is part of a long report on parliamentary conduct reforms. Ypur comment is genera;;y fair. I will

Paul Flynn MP

The views expressed here are my personal opinions as a
constituency Member of Parliament. They are not expressions of the policy of
the Labour Party or statements by me in my capacities as Shadow Leader of the
House or Shadow Secretary of State for Wales


I don't understand why the offenders were not immediately suspended and then barred. I know it would cause turmoil but we seem to manage whole summers without their supposedly vital input.

Corruption is inevitable? They've done a lot of good? Unfortunately if you have fiddled your constituents then it doesn't matter, off you go.

The response? Deliberately elaborate machination? Its a sorry state of affairs, Paul, for this country. You've said as much (more eloquently). We as a country REALLY don't need this at any time but nowadays its only part of the problem. They fall at the first hurdle: honesty, respect for the office and their constituents. I'm not some over zealous idealist to say so I don't think.

How can it be any different in a constitutional monarchy playing second fiddle to America? In an economy geared towards a square mile above the rest who have borne the brunt of successive governments' cruelty and plundering.

I'm no expert on the relatively small ruling class that exerts its power on us AND the wider world. But they clearly have no scruples or principles. Their seemingly arbitrary barbarity against foreign states, combined with their efforts to drag us in the UK backwards several generations, its a cancer and it has to end. Its not envy, jealousy etc, its 'enough is enough'. For the good of all lets consign this bullshit to the past. And don't let them deceive or swear they will move even further rightwards.

They will rob us if they can. That is the reality. There is no benevolence at the end of the day. And its your duty (individually) to prevent this robbery. Also, they are quite willing to kill, to send the worst thuggish elements against you, there are many examples.

That which we have we have taken...

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